You have several sizes of processed stones to choose from when you come to Keeney Sand & Stone.

#12 stone – 1 to 3 inches in size, these stones are used as base aggregates, however, they are useful as a unique filler for gardens, under decks, or other empty spaces.

#47 stone – This golf ball sized stone is often used over our #12 stone or #4 x 8 stone as a top layer to even out a surface. It has also been used to fill holes in areas such as gravel driveways, trails, and paths.

# 4×8  – 4 to 12 inches in size, these pieces are also used as base aggregates, but may also be useful for small retaining walls, erosion control, and fireplaces.

Rip Rap– This chunky stone is mainly used for erosion control and measures anywhere from 4 inches to 12 inches in size.

We also provide clay fill, fill sand, and #304 (mixture of #47 and fill sand) – all are highly affordable and ideal for use as backfill material.